World War II Battlefield Tours

World War II is fixed in our memories more so than any other conflict before or after. This is obviously a connection to living generations that have passed on that connection to us, but also that the cold war that followed, never really allowed us to forget r move on.

Not that we should. The World War II Battle Tours are often popularised by those with living memories of the war. Ex service men and women visit the many graves of the unknown dead to reminisce and take their children and great children to visit the places they fought in and saw.

It is an opportunity for release as well as remembrance. While war is a dirty, bloody event it is a time in the service men's lives which corralled friendships for life and the connection with the dead is unmoving.

Learn about World War II in detail via a range of specific battle tours that take you across Europe. Guides with military backgrounds and former teachers of war strategies, analysis and tactics will take you back to a time where the darkest hour was upon all of humanity.

Scenic and historic locations in Europe are some of the most visited battle tours you can visit. Taking in Berlin and the fall of the Reichstag, right through to the end days of Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz.

These morbid visitations which are now desolate museums in amongst the same scenic beauty that armies relied upon for hope that war would end, will bring life to the tours, where so many were persecuted and died.

There is of course a less sentimental view to the World War II Battlefield Tours. Some who partake in these tours are interested in the specific tactical and strategic movements which won the war.

Famous battle scenes as depicted in the films that have been shown for many years are also on the schedule with visits to battlements, graves of remembrance and museums. The Normandy Beaches Tours, Battle of the Bulge and then on to places which made war capability so much more gruesome.

Fly to Berlin & take in the Peenemunde Rocket Site, or traverse the countryside to locate the Dambusters Raid and visit Colditz Castle. All central areas which were a part of the German war machine.

The Italian Campaign also opens up another avenue of historic enquiry and investigation. For those intrigued by all aspects you can can take battlefield tours of Monte Cassino, Anzio, Salerno, Gustav and Gothic Lines, Cesena, and Lake Commachio.

World War II Battlefield Tours can be a great journey into the past. Russia and Stalingrad feature heavily as do tours to various exotic places that were heavily fortified in the Japanese campaigns and the Death railway in Singapore.