Third Reich Tour And The Fall Of Germany

The Third Reich tours take us to a period of both enormous prosperity for Germany but one of grey and darkened embattlement that finally saw her country's ideals and Hitler's dreams slaughtered.

It begins with a normal setting of a party function which would later deceive the public and gain power and take the helm of a country with a large mobile military force. With an economic power house which could never forget the ruin that followed World War 1.

Locations Of Scenic Beauty Where So Many Acts From Hell Were Dreamt

Germany is a beautiful country and collection of states but with a scarred and bloody history, ever so more poignant as the history is recent. Some of the tours begin with insight into the political party, the Nazi party which managed to infiltrate all sectors of society with tools of propaganda.

While each Third Reich tour may take a different angle, the end pursuit of understanding how such a machine came to cause such destruction is made clear through visits to historic locations, museums and scenes of bloody battles, often in the air.

Today the majority of Germany has been revitalised, re-imagined but monuments and museums remain to remind us all of the brutal future than can be embarked upon should we ever allow such ruthless men and women to take the political stage in any one single country ever again.

Place Of Interest On A Third Reich Tour

Take a World War II battle tour of Germany and discover Dachau, the first of the Nazi concentration camps to be set up to exterminate the Jew population. 'Arbeit Macht Frei' will be a phrase which will be etched into your memory forever.

Visit Munich where Hitler's inauguration to the Nazi Party truly began. Take in the sights of the Sterneckerbräu, and find out all about the 1923 Beerhall Putschists and the Odeonsplatz as told in detail by your tour guide.

Dinner today is a superb occasion at the Hofbräuhaus with is Munich's largest beer hall. In historical terms this was the venue for what would be the overthrow of Germany freedom and the unveiling in 1920 of Hitler's 25-point Nazi party programme.

Being the seat and cause of the turmoil in World War II, there is so many distinct locations and museums to embrace - as horrific they might be, they are intriguing walks through history we hope never to revisit ever again.

Berchtesgaden, Kehlstein mountain, Berghof, Nuremberg, Dora concentration camp, Wannsee, Gesundbrunnen air raid shelter, Humboldthain Flak Tower and the Museum of the German Resistance are all must see places of interest on any Third Reich tour.