Battle Tours In Russia, Moscow And Stalingrad

In what was a fairytale of Empirical ideals, World War II didn't quite turn out how Russia - the then Soviet Union, had envisaged.

Stalin had made a pact with Hitler and Germany in the Autumn of 1939 to grow their borders and areas of influence with the thinking that there would be no rebuke to their activity.

This would come back to haunt Stalin more than Hitler, as while the two countries both proceeded with invasions into Poland and outlying spheres of influence with Russia moving into Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania, the Germans had other plans.

Germany's Will For Dominance Brings Doom By Russia's Hands

Germany wanted the whole of Europe and despite the Americans contemplating otherwise, probably world domination also. As time went past, it was clear that the need for resources would require land grabs across entire continents from Africa to the Asia peninsulas.

Stalin had blanked any idea that German would not abide by the treaties in place. Germany advanced on the Soviet Union with the end result being defeat for the Germans thanks to the combined efforts of the Allies yet the cost to Russia was 35 million men and women dying which affects their population growth even today.

A Russia Battle Tour takes centre point at Stalingrad - renamed Volgograd, where millions of citizens and members of Russian armed forces held Germany from advancing further - at great loss. As typified by the incredible war time portrayal in the 2001 film, Enemy At The Gates.

A battle tour of the former Soviet Union takes in historical seats of power with visits to Red Square and the Kremlin before journeying to the battlefields themselves. The most intense tank battle of all time at Kursk. The embattled city of Stalingrad and the very scenic Kalach, the location where Germany's forces were completely encircled.

Today's Russia is a different place but no one forgets they they won World War II, much like the British fail to forget they won it also. From German pacts to German deceit, Europe fell silent in 1945 thanks to a two pronged attach by these most historic behemoths which have interchanged as allies and enemies through the centuries.

The Greatest, Longest Most Horrific Russia Battle Fronts

Visit the scenes of the Vistula-Oder Offensive inbetween Poland and Germany and re-imagine the scene of over 2.5 million men with artillery and tanks advancing on Berlin. A battle which saw the Soviets over power the Germany army with a ratio of five to one.

A major turning point of World War Two was the Battle of Stalingrad, it resulted in a massive defeat for the German army and a campaign which lasted five months. View museums and locations with guides on hand to inform of the actual strategic and horrific events which took place.

Some four months later the Battle of Kursk took place, a humongous tank battle which pitted the machinery might of both countries against each other. Germany suffered another heavy defeat. Visit the location and nearby museums and learn about the great tank battle ever played out.